15 Reasons To Become A Software Engineer


15 Reasons To Become A Software Engineer

Software engineering is an exciting field with a lot of benefits. These are the top 15 perks of software development that should hopefully convince you to learn to code if you haven’t done so already. Software engineering is worth it!

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  1. Perk number 13 is what makes me want to go back to SWE. I miss the feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment when getting something done right.

  2. Amazing video, Clem. I would say there is a hidden perk, software engineering can be a great field to invest time into if you are super competitive, hence the popularity of platforms like Leetcode. It feels great to see the rewards if you invest the time and aim for the top and I feel like there is no other field that can match this level of satisfying.

  3. Clement, u are great and very inspiring. But you really need to get some sunlight and some sleep man.Those eyes look soo tired

  4. I’m trying to make the transition, failed many interviews but after learning many hours a day for months (again), I’m about to try again💪🏻

  5. To add on to point 15, I guess, I would also say that being able to code lets you create projects that can be really helpful to yourself personally, even outside of work. For example, I wanted a good flashcard application, but couldn’t find one I liked, so I made my own. You don’t need to be a software engineer to use flashcards, but someone from a different field would not have had the same opportunity that I did.

    As a side note, good job on your filming skills! I remember a couple of years ago you would make jump cuts quite frequently, but since then, you have become significantly more comfortable with the camera.

  6. I just checked out your github activity, damn, how do you have a girlfriend? I have been watching your videos all day and I have really come to appreciate the hard work you put into what you do. Your eyes in this video even look tired. Thanks for your work man. It has really inspired me to put in more effort!

  7. As a previous commenter said “ahh I see you’re trying to grow your customer base”

    That hit home.

    When you pull back the curtain (or don’t and simply look at the reality) it seems like most SWEs aren’t just trying to be SWEs they’re trying to be YouTubers lol. If software engineering is so damn great, tell me, why are so many people trying to be SWE TEACHERS via YT and not actually devs/programmers? Selling shovels during a gold rush talking about how great it is to dig for gold 😐

  8. I’m a Cyber Security Consultant. I would like your input on something. Most of the calls, which I receive on "Corporate Hacking," end up being sabotage by disgruntled engineers. Ever came across something like that?

  9. Thank you for this video, some perks you mentioned I didn’t know about, gave me even more motivation to continue learning to code. The way you speak shows you are passionate about it, and your passion is contagious.

  10. depends on the country tho. in my country u can get higher pay by doing much easier jobs than that and also the benefits in my country arent the same as over there. also lack of jobs and tooo much competition for that software engineering in my country which makes t too hard to become one here.

  11. 1)Well payed.
    2)Work life balance.
    3)Very low barrier for entry.
    4)Super high Demand.
    5)Same kind of interview in every company.
    6)High job Security.
    7)Offer lots of variety.
    8)Good for both introvert and extrovert.
    9)Remote friendly.
    10) Promote creativity.
    11)Can work in any industry.
    12)Great trampoline for other career.
    13)Feedback is immediate .
    14) Incredible amount of custom tools.(Vs code, documentation)
    15)Coding is superpower ,can build various things.

    Thank me later😉

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