A deep dive into open source innovation


A deep dive into open source innovation

In this episode, Haseeb Khan, Director Innovation and Technology at Tkxel talks with Auguste Kakneviciute, IoT and Devices Sales Specialist at Ubuntu, about Open Source Innovation. Auguste shares her insights on the development process used by open source technologies and how open source can be distributed and modified according to the business need.

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0:00 – Podcast introduction
0:08 – Topic and speaker introduction
2:52 – What is Open Source Innovation?
6:51 – The inevitable shift to open source
9:21 – How open source is reshaping the telecom industry
11:45 – Startups adaptation to open source way
14:30 – How the company IT infrastructure is key to fast adoption
16:20 – The role of leadership in inculcating a culture of open source
21:24 – Ubuntu, edge-computing and IoT
28:00 – Ending notes

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