Beginners Guide to the Best Crypto Wallets (2021)


Beginners Guide to the Best Crypto Wallets (2021)

In this beginner’s guide to crypto wallets, I explain and go through the different types of crypto wallets available, such as hardware, software, online & paper wallets. Picking the right crypto wallet is important, as you need to consider the safety and security of your cryptocurrency assets.

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This is not financial advice and these are simply my own opinions, as such, this should not be treated as explicit financial, trading or otherwise investment advice. I always recommend you do your own research before making any type of investment.


  1. I have a strange question and please forgive me for not knowing. As I was looking on the page on the exchange page where you buy ADA I notice let’s say ETH/USD, I noticed ETH/BTC.
    Then I saw all coins were shown this way. What’s the different in the /USD vs the /BTC? I assume it means US Dollar vs Bitcoin but why and what’s the purpose? If I already purchased the /USD for whatever, can it be switched out to the /BTC or do I need to sell the /USD and buy the /BTC? Any help would be appreciated on this. Thank you in advance.

  2. So I have Binance.. about to purchase first cryptocurrency… hearing that the platform isn’t safe is worrying me… how does it work… how do I move crypto from Binance to exodus’ for example? And where do I keep tabs on it? What if I want to sell a few crypto do I need to put the crypto back into binance

  3. I sadly lost 3btc to scammers but thankfully I was able to recover most of it after contacting *phreak_hack* on IG. He’s the best.

  4. Hi lady please can you help am trying to reverse my transaction from blockchain to binance back to blockchain because the binance account is having issues please I wish to reverse the btc back to blockchain help pls

  5. I’ve heard about wallets but didn’t know I needed one….until two mins ago ! 😆 My coins are currently sat on the Binance platform!

  6. If you transfer from coinbase to coinbase wallet, does tha tot take those coins of the market? Do their values rise and fall with the market while they are in your wallet?

  7. let me get this straight, so my crpyto exist in the block chain, which has a long line of code that is the address.

    so as long as i have the address i should have access to my crypto , despite the fact that my preferred exchange goes bust ?

  8. I’d appreciate if someone could answer these questions please:

    1. Can I move Bitcoin from etoro to a hardware wallet?
    2. Once the bitcoin is on the hardware wallet, what are some platforms where I can sell it? Apparently you can’t then send it back to etoro to sell there, not sure if that is true.

  9. I dnt have much to say.i just want tô say thank you *JOINEDCYBERR* ón ! ĪNSTÅGRÅM, for got my 12 phrase word back successfully

  10. Video originally from 2020 % put for 2021. Ok. But make an effort to update if you truly want to help. Coinbase? Binance? Have you been searching at least some info? As all the million bugs, plus thousands of people who cannot withdraw their money since almost a MONTH? COME ON ON

  11. What if you to lose your external Wallet (ledger) or your digital app wallet or phone, computer etc,,can you than still gain access to your crypto if you had written down the code?

  12. For me, I’m using Pillar Wallet since it’s a non-custodial and community-run crypto wallet that makes decentralized markets more accessible and easy to use for users like me

    It’s really important to review the crypto wallet first so that you’ll never regret afterwards

  13. If you think that crypto wallets are just meant to store currency, then you’re probably using the wrong one 😏

    With Crypterium you can buy, exchange, cash out, send, spend cryptocurrency without effort. That’s not all! Get a crypto loan, upgrade trading with price predictions, earn with crypto…

    You can literally feel the pulse of the crypto world with your ultimate Bitcoin wallet 😎

  14. When you store crypto in your wallet is it still invested in the market? For example, say have 2 bitcoins in my crypto wallet will they go up in value if the market value does? Thanks so much

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