Best FREE Video Editing Software TO START WITH


Best FREE Video Editing Software TO START WITH

Best FREE Video Editing Software TO START WITH | Jack Cole
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NEW FREE Video Editing Software for Beginners

In today’s video we’re discussing The Best FREE Video Editing Software TO START WITH. This video will be very helpful for up and coming video editors and learning how to find the best and easiest video editing software to start video editing with, not to mention free.

Simple Video Editors to Start With

2. Windows Live Movie Maker:

3. iMovie:

Best FREE Video Editing Software
1.DaVinci Resolve:
DaVinci Resolve Tutorial:

2. Hitfilm Express:
Hitfilm Express Tutorial:

3. Shotcut:
Shotcut Tutorial:

4. VSDC:
VSDC Tutorial:

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  1. Bro i have a problem I’ve download shotcut and i want to edit my gaming video with my facecam but when i sync my video it’s start to lag how to fix that:my pc spec 4gb ram core i5 3340m 2.6GHZ

  2. Thankyou for this tutorial I’m one of those that used a computer when it had a floppy disk and the only edit was PowerPoint presentation. 😂.
    Learning a lot from you thanks.

  3. I didn’t post a video in a long time because I wanted to start making good videos with good editing, but I couldn’t find any that were good or not confusing. Thanks for this video!

  4. Ok *clears throught* DONT GET DAVINCHI RESOLVE 16 it the worst glitches yes it’s free but dont get it!! Trust me I can’t even edit anymore!!!

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