Best SCOPUS indexed Journals II SCI Journals II Unpaid Journals for Quick Publications


Best SCOPUS indexed Journals II SCI Journals II Unpaid Journals for Quick Publications

In this video, 8 best SCOPUS/SCI/Unpaid Journals are discussed those are having very fast publication process, However few of the journals mentioned in this video are recently removed by scopus, for that please refer below mentioned video

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  1. Let me know which is the best Journals for Library science based article publication within a short duration, journal should be included in UGC care list

  2. IJAST (International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology) is removed from scopus since 8th June 2020 and the list is displayed on However as this journal is removed recently it will take time to update it on scopus website, journal homepage, scopus list etc. So please don’t consider this journal for publication in future if you want scopus publication !! Thank You
    Also these journals costs below mentioned amount even if written about no APC on their websites:
    1) IJET: 12000
    2) JARDCS: 15000

  3. Fake scopus index journal list | Fake Publication Websites | UGC Fake Journals-

  4. A very happy day to you sir, I am preparing a paper with my colleague and decided to submit in the Walailak Journal of science and technology which is in scopus list as on April 2021 under October 2020 excel sheet.
    My doubt is as you suggested in the previous video how to check for cloned and the original journal, this one is not having journal homepage link in the scopus review webpage. So please give your valuable suggestions to proceed further.
    Thanks in advance

  5. I published my article in Journal of interdisciplinary cycle research Issn NO 0022-1945, I want to know whether the journal is listed in UGC Care list of Journals

  6. Iam English department student please u have to tell me the publication email id I have prepared the article but I didn’t know how to send the article ? I need to publish my article in the Scopus index journal. So please tell me the correct editor email or website Address.

  7. Wonderful video. Like to know, One of the Elsevier Journal has a companion journal. my question whether the companion journal shares the indexing with the main journal? if you already discuss on this please paste the YouTube link for that. thank you

  8. Hi pls call on 8247578666, Looking scopus indexed journal publication from VLSI Domain.

    Dasari Ramanna
    Ph: 8247578666

  9. Hello am yet to publish my research paper in IJRESM as they’ve accepted my manuscript. Is IJRESM(International journal of Research in Engineering, science and Management) really worth to publish and good journal. Pls provide your feedback.

  10. Please be a little bit precise….too much lengthy some of your previous videos….but u r always helpful…u didn’t respond some of my questions…I mailed it personally..any way hope u have time this time…

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