'Bloomberg Technology' Full Show (09/10/2021)


'Bloomberg Technology' Full Show (09/10/2021)

Sep.10 — The only daily news program focused exclusively on technology, innovation and the future of business from San Francisco.


  1. God bless America, I know bunch of sad stories were happened in sep 11th 2001 , hopefully this tragedy never ever happened again and time will heal the pain and sorrow,from China

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  6. Can someone answer my question: is the anti-trust lawsuits to the big techs were the senators or the govt looking for easy money from big techs huh?much appreciate if you answered my question, I always feel it’s NOT simple as I thought

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  9. Most of the people selling NFTs are probably quickly converting their sales into fat stacks of fiat and gold bars. In a few years, there are going to be many angry people with a bunch of worthless digital tokens they paid a fortune for. Tokens no one else wants to buy. Just like the 99% of altcoins out there that have amounted to little or nothing or remained dead since 2017/18. Even the future of Bitcoin itself is not clear.

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  12. What happened to the bitcoin propaganda machine? Are the Saylor, Keiser and Wood gang hiding in the basement, now that Al Salvador’s people said they don’t want this bitcoin shit? They can’t be paid in something and tomorrow that something lost 20% of its value, but Saylor kept pumping the lies that bitcoin will go to a million, it will become the currency of the world, it will replace gold. And you can retire on bitcoin, if you believe that I will advise you to buy a tent now you might need to put it up next to the road if you invested.

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