Profession Paths for {Software} Engineers and how you can navigate it.


Career Paths for Software Engineers and how to navigate it.

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Deliberately navigating your profession path is crucial for programmers. Study your choices and place your self. The web site I referenced for job searches on Hacker Information is

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  1. That’s me, I’m one of those people who gets trapped in the DevOps/Infra field. I honestly can’t see myself staring at a black/white/green terminal screen for 10 more years, and handling sometimes stupid questions from developers in general

  2. This video missed embedded system or system programming that kind of paths. They are also good choices too. These roles need more knowledge of systems (sw & hw), and the knowledge is durable. Nowadays, web is more popular and more opportunities, but the needs of system level engineers are quite stable over past decades. And the knowledge that system level roles learnt can be easily transferred to work on infrastructures or mobile OSs. Even EV or ML companies also need system level programmers. I know this is more difficult. However, I believe it give people more choices, and is promised. If you have any plan to update this video, I would like to see related roles included.

  3. as somebody who is self taught and now programming professionally for 25 years i still don’t know what jobs are out there other than what i do. Programming courses always teach you how to learn the language but not what you are supposed to do with yourself after you learn it.

  4. What would be a way to integrate using website generators/no code options with learning full stack web development – primarily for entrepreneurial goals

  5. Thank you so much
    I was getting overwhelmed and learning little bit of everything ( didnโ€™t help me at all) now i know what to do and i can write my plan for the future ๐Ÿ’œ

  6. Respected
    Tech lead
    I want to ask a serious question i am from india and i am doing a 3 years of diploma in computer science , after this what should i do for better future should i go for graduation in computer science or doing work on my technical skills to find job from diploma ????

  7. Thank you for talking about this! I would love to hear in more detail about other entry level jobs for a software engineer ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. Which course is better to become a software developer: INFORMATION SYSTEM or COMPUTER SCIENCE? I’ve heard that as a Developer you spend more time analyzing than coding?

  9. Hey just kind of curious do any of you guys rotate companies to gain more experience with different tool sets and languages? Is there a preferred company rotation? When I lived in Pittsburgh it there was actually name for this.

  10. go 1 year back end, 1 year front end 1 year likec++ or java software developer which is kind of backend right and then choose what you prefer. if you like data etc go learn than after. also go work 1 year in mobile so in 5 years you know what u want and focus at that lel.

  11. Government employment is the only career path where an IT person won’t suffer age discrimination. But, government work will also make you dumb. But at least, you will get a pension upon retiring, whereas in the private sector, you will get fired after a certain age. Remember, it was Mark Zuckerberg who years ago said that he would never hire anybody who is over 30. But now, Zuckerberg himself is over 30. LoL

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