Constellation Insane Gains Ahead – DAG Crypto – Constellation Price Prediction – State Channels


Constellation Insane Gains Ahead – DAG Crypto – Constellation Price Prediction – State Channels

Constellation Insane Gains Ahead

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What is Constellation Network?
Constellation Network provides cybersecurity for big data. The Constellation Hypergraph Network provides a scalable and secure distributed network that validates data for enterprise and public sector clients. It is the first truly decentralized, infinitely scalable DAG protocol.
Hypergraph addresses digital threat vectors prone to big data initiatives, IoT, and data transportation. It provides an infrastructure for an open decentralized data marketplace and an enterprise grade software solution for data provenance and integrity. It’s secure, cost-effective, scalable, and easy to integrate.

US Air Force prioritizes blockchain security with new Constellation Network contract

A blockchain-based initiative from the United States Air Force will employ Constellation’s Hypergraph Network to provide data security with the Department of Defense’s commercial partners.

“In the last few years, blockchain technology has become very attractive to enterprise organizations with its promise to deliver more efficiency and security for numerous use cases, including supply chain management,” said Constellation co-founder and chief strategy officer Benjamin Diggles. ”This contract opens the door to bigger, more critical uses of blockchain for data protection in a global digital infrastructure, bringing forth the true promises of the core technology.”

Constellation Network Expands Geojam’s Ground-Breaking Social Music Experience with Crypto

Working with Constellation, Geojam will merge its existing point system onto the blockchain with the creation of a cryptocurrency token, $JAM. This creates the opportunity for token holders to use $JAM tokens to engage in various opportunities on the platform meanwhile increasing revenue for featured celebrities enabling fans with a deeper level of gamification.

What is a state channel?
A state channel is an autonomous business that designs its own ecosystem on Constellation’s Hypergraph.
The tech of the HGTP is so profound, that it allows for state channels to create extraordinary use cases:
State channels are able to process and validate third party data from multiple blockchains or other data sources (cars, devices, API’s). This is remarkable. This is one of the main differentiators from ethereum — it can’t do this.
For example, ethereum smart contracts are only capable of handling specific data on the ethereum blockchain. This is incredibly limiting since most of the world’s data is not on ethereum.


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What is Constellation Crypto (00:58)
What is a smart contract (02:06)
What are state channels (02:58)
Constellation Air Force Contract (03:34)
Constellation GeoJam partnership (04:32)
Constellation Hypergraph Hour (05:18)
Hypergraph Hour Clip (06:21)
Constellation Dag Price prediction (09:36)


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