Custom Software Development: Challenges & Solutions


Custom Software Development: Challenges & Solutions

Creating custom software applications can be a challenge. Especially if you work with external vendors. If you decide to work with remote teams, like in India or Russia, this becomes even more challenging.

In this video our experiences with software development and which solutions can be applied to make the IT project a success.
Some points which are covered are:

1) Why you should have direct access to the programmers: It is important for you to work directly with the IT experts on the IT vendors side. Only this way a smooth communication can be ensured. A “smoke screen” in the form of project managers and sales people in between can harm the communication process and should be avoided.

2) Why you should have a say on who works on your project: It is also important that you have a say on who works on your project on the IT companies side. Because it does not matter how many awards or successful projects the development company has already had. If the programmers are not the same, it won’t make much difference to your project. For example if programmer XYZ worked on the successful project and the IT vendor puts junior developer ABC on your application.

According to research (for example the Chaos Report) more than 50 percent of projects fail. To reduce these issues, some of the points mentioned in the video can help.

What is your experience with custom software development? How are you solving the biggest issues which can be encountered in these kind of projects?


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