Custom Software Development


Custom Software Development

Let’s Define Custom Software!

In this video, Daniel March with WynHouse Software, explains custom software development, how to build it, how it can be used, how much it costs, and more…

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0:00 – Intro
0:17 – What is Custom Software?
0:37 – Off-the-Shelf VS Custom
1:10 – CMS Software
1:20 – CRM Software
1:33 – ERP Software
1:49 – Operations Management Software
2:04 – E-Commerce Software
2:30 – Process for Creating Software
2:50 – Freelancing
3:15 – Internal Teams
3:47 – Agencies
4:12 – Importance of Process
4:35 – How Custom Software Can be Used
4:49 – KPI Tracking Software
5:06 – Process Improvement Software
5:25 – Automation Software
5:39 – Costs?
6:18 – Summary
6:33 More Information

This video covers examples of custom software, including content management systems (CMS’s), Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM’s), Enterprise Resource Planning Software (ERP’s), Operations Management Software, and E-Commerce Software.

A few resources for creating custom software includes freelance, internal / in-house, and agencies.

Custom software can be used for KPI (key performance indicator) tracking, process improvements, and PLC (programmable logic controller) integrations

Variables for custom software cost include size, complexity, design, and integration.

To sum everything up, custom software development is the tailored process of creating an application around the specific needs of your business. The investment of custom software is no easy decision, and we want to help you make the right one.

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