How I Spend My Software Engineer Salary (as a non-millionaire)


How I Spend My Software Engineer Salary (as a non-millionaire)

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  1. You need to renegotiate. You could make more than that in Houston without the high cost. and for what you pau for rent, you could rent a 2400 sf house. Yes, the weather sucks.

  2. This is actually what I wanted to know, since I’m not from USA I have absolutely no idea how living there is, but Holy C#!! 2,5k for a 1/1 apartment!?
    3,5k taxes and basic living expenses!?
    Thanks gor for the comments for giving me a more broad POV

  3. Holy shit. I always think how nice it would be to have the US salary, but the cost of living is just insane. 1k/month for food? That is food for like a half a year for the whole family lol. Not even talking about the rent. that would be also like 6 months here for a decent sized apartment. Crazy.

  4. oh man 2.2k for a small apartment… holy shit california btw. where i live in the south its like 1.1k a month for 2 bedroom 1 bathroom + public pool. yea california would not want to be a place for a single person or for someone who doesn’t have a good paying job

  5. Don’t underestimate liquid cash savings. It’s good to have a decent amount there, because if an emergency happens, you won’t be penalized for withdrawing from stocks and you won’t have to sell assets.

  6. Earning a master degree + getting a full time job at a top tech company are just barely enough for food and living place…Welcome to California!

  7. Comcast for me is 75$ a month and I get 200Mbps Down and 3Mbps Up. I would totally take fiber if I could. I don’t live to far from a big city and definitely not in a rural environment. Fiber just isn’t coming anytime soon.

  8. the only thing i disagree is being single helps you on savings. I am glad I have my wife. Yes, a little expensive but double the savings, assuming both are working.

  9. And I am thinking to have an engineer master degree . now I earn 60% of that and 70% goes to investment.

    My monthly expenses are just 1000 a month.

    Makes me wonder do I really need a master degree at this point?🤔

  10. I study in the field of computers, but I do not have a computer, I learn and study by mobile and attend electronic lectures and university exams as well, I hope to get a computer 😢😞

  11. Joma tech and keep on coding are the best software engg. related channel. Joma for his personality and keep on coding for his content.

  12. Wait a second all those 200k per year are bruto salaries, not neto?
    In Europe you get neto salary, tax already paid by employer (including health care and retirement)

  13. I don’t want to disappoint you guys but here where i live, its at max 70$ to get a 3 bedroom apartment really.. on the other hand a normal employee makes 25$ a month.. of course we don’t use $ here but how do you think we live here? ITS DAMN SHIT LIFE.

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