How Much Do Software Engineers Earn?


How Much Do Software Engineers Earn?

The most common question I get asked on Instagram or LinkedIn is how much do software engineers make? Or, what can I expect as compensation? Or, how much do you make? In this video, I hope to answer some of those questions by showing you a tool that you can use to ballpark compensation for various positions in different companies, not limited to Software Engineering.



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  1. Hey Utsav, I’ve got a topic for you:

    How software engineers should handle being the "new guy" on the team. Should we do our best to impress the team? Is there a right time to voice your opinions in meetings/channels, if so, when? How should we handle working with egotistical team members?

    Just a thought, thanks for the awesome content!

  2. How do someone with 7 months gap in career and making a switch from PHP web development software developer to Java based Web Development, do? Please make a video on this.

    I want to work for product based company now. I have worked for 18 months. Left job in September this year because of health.

  3. love from india 😘😘😘 just studing in class 10 and wants to become software developer is it perfect for me as i want live like you!!!!!!!!

  4. Wow Sir, this looks pretty insightful one ❤️❤️❤️
    But before cracking the interviews, we must not too much deep dive in these stuffs, it leads to lot of day-dreaming 😂😂😂

  5. I hope that you can read this, you are an inspiration, I am from Colombia and now i am studying mechatronics engeniering and I also like programming and I watch your videos to learn about this great proffesion , can you give me some advises? Thanks for all the videos

  6. Are these values legit? They are way higher than what job listings show on top job search sites like LinkedIn, Monster, and Indeed. They seem much higher, but maybe they include health care and other benefits.

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  8. It’s worth noting that there are other non-monetary factors to consider.
    For example, one company may pay less than another but provide you with a more enjoyable job or a job that will enable you to learn more, both of which are extremely valuable and could also lead to higher earnings later in your career.
    Also, if you ever want to change your focus and take a job where you are largely learning a new skill you may have to take a pay cut as you are less experienced in that role. In that case the non-monetary value can also be worth something and should be considered.
    Obviously different personal circumstances will mean the right choice or higher pay vs non-monetary benefits is different for everyone.

    Another point is that job markets differ depending on where you live, although this should be reduced as remote working becomes more common.
    For example, if you live in a city with lots of government jobs, there will often be fairly lucrative salaries available for government contractor jobs and if you live in a place with a lot of large tech companies then there are some lucrative options in that space. Since these types of places often have a shortage of skilled workers compared to available jobs, and employers with lots of money, these areas often have average salaries that are disproportionately high. Along with that though is that usually in those places the cost of living is higher. Another thing to consider if you live in a place that doesn’t have these types of industry (and you are unable to get remote work).

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