How Much Money Software Engineers REALLY Make!


How Much Money Software Engineers REALLY Make!

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I also answer a common question: how much software engineers make in South Africa? I also talk about how to negotiate your salary during salary negotiation.

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  1. That was extremely low for entry level in Software development, the range is atleast from 18k-25k for a junior developer. Check Offerzen Cape town rates

  2. Yoh… I remember I earned R3.5k …I was just fortunate that I had my sister to assist me just enough to survive. … things are different now 😁

  3. Intresting to see the salary discrepencies, I’m a second year computer engineering student at UCT and I know that Amazon and other top companoes in Cape Town pays over R20 000 pm just for interns who are still in 2nd or 3rd year of university.

  4. I appreciate honesty and I have to say you are the first person who actually became real and talked about this topic. I hope this will help someone who is also just getting started. Keep doing what you are doing it’s really cool and enlightening. You will actually make an amazing mentor.

  5. Sorry Mechanical Engineering, you were mi first love but Ayi une_drama kakhulu with ur design projects/reports……….Software engineering is the NEW GOAL NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Agreed. Dont spend too much time in a place you earn low <10k, esp as a qualified grad. 1 year MAX , 2nd year start looking. Base salary is really the unfortunate benchmark

  7. Heyy❤…Are you Kenyan or South African?
    Coz in Kenya 6k would translate to 60 000 Kenyan shillings…thats quite a lot for a start!!!

  8. I’m doing programming in DBN it’s gonna take 4yrs I’m in my 1st year but your videos are motivating me so much thank you

  9. don’t your life away you don’t even need a degree to become a software engineer look at Udemy and Alison courses or on bootcamp courses very best of luck

  10. Thank you for sharing your experience and advice. I am a coding beginner. So I am watching videos on YouTube for insightful coding experiences and honesty of work environments. And I will take a look at your other videos.

  11. Thank you. I plan on moving to Cape Town from Toronto in a few years. My goal after graduation was to work here for a year to build up some experience then start the process. As this is my 2nd career I am presented with unique challenges however having ran a business in the past will hopefully present me with some supervisory option. This video was helpful into putting salary into perspective. Keep up the good work.

  12. Hey thanks for your honest advise because on the internet they say software engineers get 100k a month. You woke me up from all that crap

  13. This video was informative and has helped me in deciding whether or not I want to take a job offer from a South African startup (I’m from Kenya). However, I don’t think a dev with 3 years experience is a junior dev

  14. hello im thinking to be a software engineer and pursuing it but do i need to be genius to become software engineer? and also does it matter where school you graduated?

  15. 6000 a month? 72k a year starting? That sounds pretty good? Lol 6000 a month in rent is ridiculous though at most for rent i could pay 2k

  16. If you have a BSc in COmputer Science I wouldn’t start off below than 15k. Especially in Cape Town in JHb. You can definitely get 25k+ at the top graduate programs.

  17. I was doing Electrical Eng at UP and i struggled with programming in 2nd year and i decided to take a break coz it was so draining me. Now am at TUT studying IT and am enjoying it but my focus is to end up in Electrical and computer Eng…Thanks for your enlightening videos stay blessed

  18. Starting salary depends on your skills. In tech u have to come in wth a strong project and indepth knowledge of the programme ur going to be using. They cant pay you over 20k wen u have little knowledge of wat ur doing

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