How NOT to be the Tech Lead (as an ex-Google software engineer)


How NOT to be the Tech Lead (as an ex-Google software engineer)

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  1. That is why I am not beginning as junior, ever. They suck. I am entering into world of bytes as pro-programmer/hacker/wiz-coder with zero experience, and hey! Who knows? Maybe I can teach you grandpas something, I bet you old folks in 30s still use zip and compression when sending files in 2021, haha , that is so classic for your generation, respect the ancients.

  2. Its come to my attention that there is no longer any need to watch your uploaded videos in order to give them a thumbs up !
    It really does free up time for me for other things.

  3. The key point is near the end. It really depend on the definition of "Tech Lead": It’s either a team lead (manager) or lead software developer. TechLead appears to be talking about the latter.

  4. I work for one of the biggest companies in the world. Our CEO is happily married and I am more than sure that he’s far busier than any tech lead. Do not blame your job if your life sucks, it’s all about your personality, not about the job.

  5. Delete this and prove how sensitive this channel is, Repetitive videos you are starting to get desperate and running out of content it’s time to get a job and I’m happy you got exposed a while back and you couldn’t handle criticism 😅🤣😅

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  7. What does Tech Lead mean when he says he is a millionaire? Does he have a million dollars of property or investments(not crypto), or a million dollars of cash on hand? Being a millionaire these days doesn’t really mean much. Being a multimillionaire on the other hand, suggests a kind of wealth where you no longer need to work. That I would envy.

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  9. I’m so used to pulling lessons from his humor and dry delivery, that I didn’t expect for him to drop straight up knowledge bombs with no innuendo! These are great lessons that any leader can apply no matter their field! Good job, Mr. Lead!

  10. A tech lead is like the best of a small group of developers usually no? Like let’s say 5 to 10 developers, the best of them usually is the tech lead.

  11. And there it is boys…the rubber ducky…but it’s a mouse by the mouse…TL is coding something…someone trace the origins of the stuffed mouse. big lols

  12. Couldn’t really find myself disagreeing with any of the points you made here. How else can you be a good Tech Lead if you’re not heavily involved in the software development?

  13. Amazing how nowadays "tech" is associated with software and "code". Even the author, who is obviously not a complete moron and has clearly seen diverse people, even he makes this link.
    Hint: there are plenty of tech which involves mechanical, electrical, electronics engineers + sometimes physics, biology, applied mathematics.

  14. i agree, i have not met a tech lead that does not solve critical problems in the code base and take responsibility of the code base… what a fraud LOL

  15. This article sounds like someone who wants to be a "tech lead" too and say smart things.
    But "Tech lead" is no medal.
    And you don’t just have "figured things out" while having some kind of smart pants on and therefore you are a "tech lead".
    Only and only if you get enlightened through hard work (you will know when this is the case) you could reluctandly whisper so not even you yourself could hear it, that you had barely and for a brief moment touched this what you call "tech lead".
    BTW: there is only ONE tech lead. So STFU and do the work. 🙂

  16. Sort of good advice. Different situations call for different approaches. Some teams require more hands on coding than others. Some teams require a more personal touch where you build camaraderie and trust. I do think a tech lead has to ultimately have at least as much, if not more, technical knowledge and overall experience as the rest of the team, and most of all, have the respect of the team for that fact. If its a new project, I believe that a tech lead should provide the scaffolding code and a template with guidelines for others to follow. I’ve been a tech lead at various companies during my career, and at other companies I’ve stepped back and taken a senior developer role, most notably on those projects that were dealing with tech or frameworks I felt I hadn’t had sufficient experience in (and wanted experience in). You can’t be on top of the heap all of the time. There’s just too much to learn, and if you didn’t jump on the tech or framework early or pre-release you’re almost too far behind to catch up in terms of experience. As a tech lead you’ll do you best to balance the tech with your team’s abilities, personal attributes and project outcomes, but ultimately, you’ll care less and less about the code that was generated after a few years, because you’ll be long gone onto the next big thing.

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