How to Connect LogiTech Mouse & Keyboard To Unifying Receiver | LogiTech | Get Fixed


How to Connect LogiTech Mouse & Keyboard To Unifying Receiver | LogiTech | Get Fixed

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  1. I just purchased a combo of keyboard and mouse and I wanted to unpair the mouse from the dongle and then connect it to another dongle I have. Everything works fine when I connect the combo dongle, I can use the mouse and keyboard perfectly fine but none of the dongles get recognized by the unifying software

  2. I want to have a single keyboard and mouse, that will work on both PC and laptop (only one at at time). If I buy a keyboard mouse combo and plug that original receiver into the, and then also pair the same keyboard/mouse with a unifying receiver and plug that into the laptop, will that allow me to control both devices? (again, only pc or laptop powered at any one time.)

  3. Thank you so much – I was struggling so badly. It turns out I had multiple receivers with multiple keyboards/mouses programmed to it, which was causing me issues. I deleted the mouses & keyboards (2 keyboards, 2 mouses) from both receivers and then unified them again – except this time only one mouse and keyboard per receiver. Problem solved. Now I have a mouse and keyboard for an upstairs desktop, and a mouse and keyboard downstairs with my work laptop.

  4. I just got a refurbished desktop and got the logitech k270 keyboard and mouse. The mouse work but the keyboard does not. I have to type in info to set up the computer and can’t because the keyboard isn’t connected…can somebody help me please?!

  5. Me teaching my mom how to use iOS:
    Click allow I donโ€™t know what Iโ€™m allowing prob my life or my kids
    My mom: oh really

  6. Funny but dumb story. I had this keyboard and my room is always dark so it ran out of battery, and I left it on top of my car to charge while the sun was out. I drove off to pick up my dog from his haircut and when I got home I realized that I drove off with my keyboard on top of my car….

    So I bought a new keyboard and I just synced it too my computer with your help. Thank you lol

  7. What if the system that my mouse (and my mouse’s old receiver) is paired to, is the same system I’m trying to add the new receiver and old mouse to? I disconnected the old receiver, but obviously I can’t shut down my system (can’t pair with the new receiver while my system is shut down).

  8. Thanks!! I thought I had to purchase a new mouse! I had no idea I could connect it to my Wave Keyboard…You made my day, my friend!

  9. Oh my god. Nobody, literally nobody talks about the f***ing unifying receiver and you are the only one who did. Thank you so much. You saved my life man. God bless you.

  10. Your explanation was fast. But I could move the slider to re-listen to your instructions I kinda figured already, what you said. About it being paired to another computer. BUT, Somehow. The way you said it. Made the info stick. Kudos’ to you.

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