Libra will be Global Currency- Reviewing Facebook's Crypto Currency Project


Libra will be Global Currency- Reviewing Facebook's Crypto Currency Project

Today Facebook launched , here is my review.


  1. Ease of use might work, but i can’t agree itll grow like other cryptos. 1)- It is centralised bank controlled, means its price rate is governt periodicaly with other assets. 2) can not freely be mined. 3) Can not be Decentralised currency, The reason for growth of BTC and ETH is because of diverse open public domain, enable free developer and new miners to be added to pool.. Libra can only grow as long as it is backed by multitued organizations, One back step from any and it wont budge..

  2. you removed my comment and blocked me from one of your videos !! why ? just because i disagreed with you. You have such a low self esteem that you can’t even take different opinion.

  3. Great words Waqar, who likes waqar zaka latest information as always ,I tried to explain it in Urdu, well keep it up thanks for sharing

  4. As far as I remember, he was the first Pakistani who talked about cryptocurrency. Way to go Waqar bhai and hope our nation understands that the earlier you accept change/technology the more likey you will reap the benefits.

  5. Waqar bhai ok facebook made promises not to leak or steal our data but they doooo..and will you trust them financially too much they will steal nowwww

  6. as salaam o alaikum waqar bhai mujhe bht zaada emergancy aap ki help ki need hai me or meri faimly bht pareshan hai plz meri is request pe risponce dijiye ga laazmi plz ye mera contact number hai 03102037465 asim shaikh name hai mera.

  7. Waqar bhai reply to aap naheen daty phir b try Kar Raha Hoon…Bhai jan ye Sara cyrpto ka chakar English main hai or hamary pass Jo nojawan Hain wo itna zyda parha likha naheen higher society ko shor k .
    Aap Jo b baat karty ho wo nojawano ko samjhany ki ziyada zaroot hi or aap big cities k sath sath pasmanda ilakon Tak b aapny baat puhchye . Q k berozkari ki intiha hi hamary mulk main or yahan sy aap ko best result mily ga

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