Logitech Gaming Software Overview


Logitech Gaming Software Overview

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  1. I was considering purchasing the G700, is there a delay when switching profiles? or is program detection rapid and seamless?
    If there is a delay, does anyone know any mouses that has almost no delay?

  2. i have a problem. I have g900s and it tells me to move my mouse but when i do that it doesnt do anything so icant use the software.

  3. Will the macros (specifically rapid fire) stay installed on the mouse, it it were to be used on a separate computer or device without this software installed?

  4. i’ve got version 8.46.27
    then just wanted to update to 8.57.145
    guess what happened??
    they just GRAYED OUT the repeat option of Volume up/down key, in this new UPDATE
    i just uninstalled it and used my old one, 
    thats absurd, they graded down the software in an update, what the hell are they doing?

  5. one question i have the logitech headset g933 and the mouse g pro, how i can switch between thoose ? i only see the mouse in the soft…

  6. Mine does not have the top profile bar at all! I cannot make profiles, Whats wrong with my software? I have version 8.50 and did a firmware update on my G500s

  7. Hi, so I bought a Logitech g430 and I have the problem many people have of not being able to install their gaming software. I use the headset for counter strike and soundwhoring is important. Do I need the software for hearing footsteps etc. easily or is it more about mic quality? I will send it back otherwise, since I hate having to troubleshoot…

  8. Guys, can anyone help me? I have an g600 mouse and it doesnt show that Profile thing up when you open the option to edit the keys. What’s wrong. Any idea?

  9. Hello, When you click in mouse functions (2:37) I see that you have botton 4 and 5. why does mine has only 1, 2, and 3? I am trying yo fix that but I dont know how. let me knoe if you or anybody knows how to fix it.

  10. This software worked fine with my first device years ago. A G-13 gaming pad. But every logitech device I’ve bought after that has never shown up in the gaming software program. You need the device to be recognized by the program in order to have the ability to customize the keys. If it doesn’t show up… you’re buttons are worthless. Won’t matter if you uninstall and resintall the program 100 times, all that’ll show up is the very first device the program recognized, and throughout all the programs options, there is no ability to find or add devices manually. It’s suppose to do it automatically, but it NEVER does.

  11. How the flip do you assign G shifts on the 602? You can assign a g shift but when you click the g shit  button the other programmables do not switch.

  12. What software is this? I have the Logitech G602 but for some reason I am unable to find this software online, someone PLEASE help, I’ve been looking high and low for this software and just can’t seem to find it!

  13. I really like the mouse. . However I’ve noticed a problem with the software  when messing with the mouse keys . I’ve had several instances where the mouse will bug out the light will flash sporadically, and then the software will completely crash. if anyone’s had the same problem I would really like to know what’s going on

  14. I have G600 and this software have big problems. It just can’t remember my setings more than few days. I have to use on board memory for my default profile, and that is limited because i can’t use media keys then.. Even when it worked ”fine” it doesn’t change light colour properly when I change profile!! I’m using win7

  15. I just downloaded version 8.70.315 for use with my Logitech G700s. I wanted to set some of the Ventrilo commands on the generic buttons, and then I realized that the version in the video HAS MORE FEATURES. Am I using an outdated version, or did Logitech remove numerous features from their software? If so, does anyone have a link to download their favorite version?

  16. Thank you for informative video for the Logitech Gaming Software, works flawlessly on my MX518 mouse. But the G700 looks very interesting, time to upgrade I think.

  17. Thanks, as I’ve just bought a G700s to replace my 9yr-old Logitech Cordless Click-Plus (tied of swapping in batteries as dock no longer charges) as part of upgrading my aging pc, it’s so useful to view a quick rundown of of the software to customise my new mouse.
    Interesting that one complaint on another G700s review was that they couldn’t check battery-level, when the Gaming-software clearly shows that you can select a button to do exactly that!

  18. how do i assign every button to be its own like left click and right click

    i want this because i game alot and would like more buttons on my mouse i could use besides shooting and aiming
    like melee or reload pls help me

  19. bro I have Logitech g100s gaming mouse , I play in cs go , I don’t know how to program left click on triple click( I press one time , in game three times) help me
    subscribe and like

  20. I have noticed for over a week of trying to get the top buttons on the G300 working that they refuse to work in any game whatsoever (on my i7 Sabertooth Haswell Platinum GTX 780 rig I built) even though I try and follow every one of the fifty-thousand words of how to get the mouse buttons to work.
    Logitech certainly cannot be bothered putting a video on youtube on how to get the multi-buttons to work in a game. Because its a bit of a lottery?

    But you made a Great starter vid for Mouse programming noobs such as I. However…
    1) At 30 seconds, you made every Mouse programming noob on the planet have our eyes spin and our hearts sink as you bypassed some Logitech confusion.
    2) At 40 seconds you get to a button that appears to be mappable in the G300 (but as I am unable to get the other 5 top buttons do do what I want, that by itself is superflous)
    3) At 1-min you dont mention why the software doesn`t find some games. The G300 software found 27 of my games straight away (even if I am still unable to get the top buttons to do anything, not what I want them to map to, in games)
    4) At 3-minutes; you mention "Ventrillo commands"; but does anyone know what that is either?
    5) We nearly understood what you were saying at 4-minutes about DPI Shift.
    6) At 6-minutes and G-Shift; I was still dizzy from the G300 written instructions Logitech provide;and had to give up.
    Keep up the good work though.

  21. I can hear you computer running in the background and it scared the crap out of me! I thought all my fans ramped up at once and my computer was about to catch on fire for no reason.

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