Medical Animation Market Trends And Forecast 2016- Latest Update On Technical Application Tools


Medical Animation Market Opportunities Rise of the smartphone culture is boosting medical animation market; This report offers a comprehensive evaluation of medical animation market globally.

Medical Animation Market: Overview

Digitization and interactivity are pervading every facet of consumers’ lives and the medical industry, too, is not insulated from this change. With the broadband explosion giving birth to newer ways of consuming content, medical animation has become a rapidly growing market. Medical animation helps demonstrate complex medical procedures or the mechanism of action of drugs in a visually rich format. From helping patients understand how a particular procedure is performed to providing sales demos to medical devices salespersons, medical animation videos can be targeted at varied audiences.

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Although medical animation was initially a niche area within the animation and graphics industry, it is now arousing the interest of various pharmaceuticals manufacturers, life sciences research firms, medical organizations, and med device manufacturers. This has also encouraged new firms – in both traditional and emerging markets – to step into this space in a bid to gain a greater share of market revenues.

With a rising demand for interactive and three-dimensional medical and pharmaceutical media, the opportunities in the medical animation market are only growing in number. This report delves into the latest trends and opportunities that companies in the medical animation market need to focus on. How the latest developments in motion picture technology are impacting direction that the medical animation market takes is also explored in the report. By meticulously segmenting the market into smaller sections for a closer study of each facet of the market, the report offers an unmatched degree of detail in its analysis.

Global Medical Animation Market: Defining Trends and Drivers

The rise of the smartphone culture has unarguably been the most defining development impacting the global medical animation market. There will be well over 2 billion smartphone users in the world by the end of 2016, various estimates have shown. A sizeable percentage of these users will, at some point in time, consume content centered on surgical procedures, pharmaceutical drug action mechanism, or medical devices.

At the same time, the start-up culture in the healthcare and life sciences sectors has helped make medical animation a mainstream trend to a great extent. The need to present information in a visually appealing and informative format has been emphatically stressed on by the newer generation of healthcare companies, which has in turn created a new and exciting battleground for companies in the medical animation market.

However, the premium charged by companies offering medical animation services is not helping the growth of this market. This is partly owing to medical animation still being regarded a specialized skill. A shortage of certified professionals in the medical animation industry further compounds this problem. However, with the level of medical literacy still being comparatively low in non-traditional and underserved markets, the demand for medical animation is expected to show a steady rise.

Global Medical Animation Market: Key Segments

The market for medical animation can be segmented based on the applications of this technology, by type of animation, and by end user. The most common applications of medical animation are for patient education, medical device or drug formula simulation, molecular or cellular animation, emergency care education, surgical training, and forensic reconstruction. The global medical animation market by type can be segmented into: 4D, 3D, 2D, and flash animation.

The key end users of medical animation include, but are not limited to: Pharmaceutical companies, life sciences and biological research companies, academic institutions, medical device manufacturers, hospitals and surgical centers, and others.

Companies that are currently vying for a greater share of revenue in the global medical animation market include Xvivo Scientific Animation, Ghost Productions, Inc., Invivo Communications, Inc., Medmovie, Inc., and Elara SystemsComputer Technology Articles, Inc.

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