MRIN Stock Was Up 25%?! | HUGE Criteo News! | Marin Software Analysis


MRIN Stock Was Up 25%?! | HUGE Criteo News! | Marin Software Analysis

Marin Software (MRIN stock) was up BIG in after hours trading and the price action was due to some huge news on the Criteo integration that they announced. I cover why they ran so much, the price ranges to watch for, and my personal belief in the company’s long-term growth which leads me to believe this may be one of the best stocks to buy right now.

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0:00​​​​​ – Intro
0:56 – Marin Software’s Q2 Growth Focus
3:58 – Top Apple Search Ads Partner
4:55 – Why MRIN Was Up After Hours
6:06 – Why Criteo is a Huge Partner
9:02 – Marin Software Future Growth Potential
13:01 – MRIN Stock Chart Analysis
15:10 – MRIN Long-Term Projections
16:27 – Google Deal Leverage

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