MY Apps #2: MORE Material You themed apps!


MY Apps #2: MORE Material You themed apps!

The next wave of Android apps that support Material You!

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00:00 – Intro
1:10 – Google Phone beta
1:56 – Google Calculator 8.0
2:56 – Google Clock 7.0
3:46 – Gmail
4:50 – Google Meet
5:16 – Google Calendar
5:47 – Google Duo
6:26 – Google Photos
7:04 – Google Messages
7:52 – Google Podcasts
8:26 – Swift Walls
8:56 – Infinity for Reddit
9:25 – Pix Material You Icons and Widgets
10:01 – Outro

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  1. Calculator is the most beautiful by far yet. I had high hopes for Calendar but the current implementation is MEH. Hopefully 12.1 brings more interesting and vivid color schemes as well as better implementations for the different apps.

  2. Am I the only one that feels like the color options in material you aren’t very… Me? They’re all so pale and pastel, and it all looks the same no matter which colors you choose. Can’t there be some more saturated options? (Like the colors the original material design used)

  3. I am very upset about the design update on Google Keep. The colors, square "+" button and hamburger menu labeled ""change" button"" is awful.

  4. My Android messages had full dynamic theme working everything was themed even the send and receive message it was beautiful but stopped working about 9 hours later! 🙁

  5. I’m also working on bringing Material You to my Hotword Plugin and Widget Screensaver apps at the moment. There are still some visual glitches on older android versions however. Not sure if that’s due to the material components library or some other android 12 thing that’s still in alpha. This might be one of the reasons other developers are more hesitant before implementing it. On Android 12 it looks beautiful though!

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