My salary as a junior software developer in Austin Texas


My salary as a junior software developer in Austin Texas

My salary as a junior software developer living in Austin Texas.

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  1. Good to hear ur making a good salary in Austin! I’m currently studying CS at UT! It seems academia fails to prep us with some skills for actually working on software projects. What would u have done differently to better prepare for your first job?

  2. 65k for less tech strong markets entry level, 200k ish for senior (strong market like the bay and strong project). Big tech gives you stock, usually 300k rsu that vest over 4 years so depending on performance, thats 75k a year at a strong company depending on how it grows.

    Thats it, and sr dev is someone who can take on a project and deliver it with little to no oversight. Self propelled, good handle of tech you need to accomplish it and maintain it.

  3. I wonder what my first starting salary as a web dev for n San Francisco will be. I’m really excited, I graduate from bootcamp in 4 months!!!!!

  4. Man, excelente video! I’m about to move to Austin transfer from Brazil, I alwasys said tihs about IT jobs, it’s usual people being paying under because some king of fear in asking what they deserve, on the onther hand it’s very crazy what you can earn in our industry we can expect above the average salary so young or with a few experience just willing to roll up your sleeves! Thanks for your content!

  5. I’m starting my education in a few months from now. I had to follow a 2-month program where they tested my skills to see what branche of IT would fit me best.
    I’m freaking excited because I get to go to an actual high school for 3 years to attain my bachelor degree while getting paid and when I (hopefully) make it Im in it for the big bucks.
    Always loved working at my own pace, my own deadlines and in total peace away from others. Now I finally get the chance to do so.

  6. Got my entry level position here in DFW , 65k is my starting , honestly mind boggles me this is the entry . Been here 5 months , going great !

  7. Bro this is golden information! I live in Schertz which is an hour south of Austin and looking to nail one of these salaries..currently learning Python and racking up some CompTIA certs..My goal is to get in the 6 figures and I know it’s possible with tech..I go to Austin all the time to Kayak but looking to get that big boy salary up there with all the tech companies moving in

  8. Dude McDonald’s managers make 130 ,Getting linked to a location limits you on income,Go where wages are highest,Quality of life areas would be a consideration

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