Nordstrom Innovation Lab


Nordstrom Innovation Lab

See how the Nordstrom Innovation Lab created, tested and built an iPad app in just one week. For more information, visit:


  1. This video helps illustrate that agility is enhanced by team members working directly with customers, working in small increments, and avoiding excess process steps, stage gates, handoffs, and role distinctions.

  2. Good video. I think that the flash builds are a genuinely good idea. I do wonder how they avoided putting too much weight on what one customer might think of an iteration, though. Or, was that just a risk they were willing to take?

  3. Couldn’t that specific "problem" be solved with a mirror? Or just by having the customer use their own camera and compare as many pictures as they want? I mean, I get the point that the team is trying to make… it’s just that it was such a "no problem" case.

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