SDLC: All You Need To Know About Software Development Life Cycle


SDLC: All You Need To Know About Software Development Life Cycle

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SDLC stands for Software Development Life Cycle. It’s one of the most common interview questions. You must know how to answer it correctly. Why is SDLC important? It provides you an overall understanding of how to manage a project in the given industry.

By the way, the software development life cycle is not the Waterfall project management approach. You should not mix the two terms together. You can implement SDLC with many different frameworks. SDLC model just shows the common phase of the given project.

Understanding of Software Development Life Cycle is important because you’ll build your project management approach around it. Moreover, you do need to describe the life cycle of your project in the Project Charter.


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  1. I can’t thank you enough, been on other videos for 2 hrs and felt a sleep, Much knowledgeable video for fresher, straight to point no Trash talk, Kudos Man.

  2. Great video. I worked in a development software project this year and during the execution phase we did kind of Agile because we made different modifications validating new features with the clients and so on but I can’t say if we used Scrum or Kanban. The rest of the project was definitively in waterfall.

  3. Mosf of educational videos require x2 playback speed but here its 0.75 with pauses and additional research)) So consentrated material) this 15mins video can lead to few hours of research) tough but amazing)))) Like

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