Shepard Engine Tutorial


Shepard Engine Tutorial

Explanation of the Shepard tone [descending]:–audio-10219

Example of the Shepard tone [ascending]:

Freesound Audio File:

Also check out my original Shepard engine and more of my sound design work on my vimeo and sound cloud here:

Apologies for the watermark throughout this video – this is my first tutorial and I didn’t want to buy a whole new piece of software so I’m using a demo and didn’t realise this would show up.


  1. Thank’s a Lot, great tutorial, but when i made 12 frame crossfade it had a bump, then i played around and 20 frame crossfade works perfectly

  2. Have you tried this with words, rather than sounds? For instance, do you think that it might be possible to loop an ascending or descending rendition of the word "Shep Ard"? I don’t mean technically; obviously any wav file will do, but does it have to be almost monotone?

  3. Thanks a ton for this tutorial! I’ve been struggling with designing some engine sounds lately and had a lot of trouble finding practical techniques to implement Shepard tones to create a constantly rising pitch on an otherwise stagnant looping file. Much appreciated!

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