The FASTEST Way to become a Software Developer in 2021


The FASTEST Way to become a Software Developer in 2021

Hope you learned something in this video, and can start thinking more strategically about your career as a software developer.

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PS The strategy in my original FASTEST way to become a software developer is still a solid, very viable one — this method just has a lower barrier to entry and can get you to earning much faster.

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  1. hey, I’ve been watching your videos for some time now and it all sounds like really good advice but the only thing that’s really making me have second thoughts is why would you be giving it out for free? I mean if you really know how to successfully become a software developer then why not charge people for it? just like the joker said, "If you’re good at something, never do it for free".

  2. Would a degree in I.T. help or hurt? My plan is the I.T degree, with certs in development, and hopefully get in that way, ( I’m a 42 year old construction worker who is changing careers and want to develop remotely, as I quit school in the 9th grade decades ago I’m trying to find the best way for me. )

  3. They don’t really teach you a language in college. My cs friend told me he’s basically self taught in terms of actually coding

  4. I gave myself one year completely judgement free to make at least ONE dollar from platform development.

    I am 20 days in, my computer was unavailable for 6 of those. I completed the basic syntax course for JS on codeacademy, I’m halfway trough HTML and every lesson I learn I’m applying to local html files. I should do some basic JS exercises too. After I finish the HTML course I’m moving onto CSS, and after that intermediate JavaScript.

    Initially I was hoping to have a Facebook clone in 30 days, but that was a bit ambitious. That’s okay.

    I have no backup plan, I’m going all in but not too hard so I don’t burn out. As Denzel W said, fall forward.

    Damn, I may fail, but fuck, it’s gonna be entertaining to watch this all unfold.

  5. I’m just so confused.. I am starting out fresh on programming/coding and I was advised to try out Python now another different advice and it all just gets me confused.

  6. I’m looking at your course. Is this something that I, as an aircraft mechanic with an associates in aircraft maintenance sciences with zero IT experience can get into with your program?

  7. You have also changed a lot from your old videos, that fact that you are now recommending simple but effective solutions, proves that you have mastered web development and that deserves respect.

  8. Hello Aaron,
    I have a question, would you suggest a different strategy for the European market or the same? For example, I am not sure if Shopify is not more USA local think and It is not about not want to do it, but I can imagine having better chances to succeed with the environment I know :)). so would you suggest different platforms, or the same for Europe?

  9. 5 years ago, I "accidentally" became an automotive technician. I had absolutely zero interest in working on cars, but I needed a job and it paid. I started out changing oil, replacing tires, etc. There’s still a lot I don’t know, and a lot I’m not very good at, but now I know how to swap out engines, diagnose common problems, and many other things about cars I never even cared to know. Mind you, I never went to any auto tech school, and I still don’t much care for the job. But again, it does pay fairly well sometimes, even at my skill level. However, I learned by doing many small real-world tasks for people who didn’t have the necessary skills/tools, just as it is described in this video. This is actually the best way to learn, in my opinion. I’m getting a new job soon, one that doesn’t quite pay as well, but with lower stress and more time to learn a new skill. I’m going to try and implement the strategies in this video on my own, but I’m also considering Freemote because having structure can be helpful.

  10. So learning what I want to learn is great, but to get my first job I’m better off just learning what people need/use? I’m just about to finish my web dev and react course from udemy and was planning to smash out JavaScript/react projects and fill a portfolio to then apply for positions..

  11. THIS IS FACTS. I started out trying to get a job as a React Dev last year and I never got interviewed. But when I switched my focus to WordPress and Shopify I started getting interviews.
    I now work as a remote WordPress Dev using Elementor for a SEO / Web Agency.
    My plan is to go to school and get a CS degree while I work as a WP Dev, then become a software engineer.

  12. I feel like it would take a good while just to learn html css and Java! So many free resources to learn but hard to really create a solid pathway to stay on track.

  13. Hi. I’m from the (UK). I was just wondering if the freemote course would apply to (UK) citizens? What I mean by that is, is the course relevant I’m terms of getting a job in the (UK)? Or is it focussed on US? Thankyou

  14. I understand, that author of this video want to cover majority of people interested in programming, but my questions were quite different. Problem is, that video is about getting a job. What if I want to build my own software using C# and PostgreSQL? C# is complex, but you don’t have to know everything about C# when you want to build a good, working software. + Designing a front-end for software in Visual Studio is, I would say easier, than learning HTML, CSS, and JS.

  15. The only problem I have with this is that it’s not free. So don’t say that it is. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Otherwise it’s a great video.

  16. So here’s a scenario that may not be in your realm I’m not sure but I’ll pose it anyway. I’m a self employed tradesman at the moment and am wanting out by way of some sort or programming, not necessarily web development either since that’s mostly what comes up when I search programming. I am doing this handmade because of the fact I have 4 kids and a solo business so have given myself a set time-line of 3 years to learn something and transition out. What would be a good path or two for someone like this? Being fully aware of the small time to dedicate to this it will be hard but will be done, really just looking for ideas or directions at this point.

  17. Thanks for this updated video! I work as a CNA in a Nursing Home and want to transition into the tech field within the healthcare field. Today, I have decided to become your disciple and have purchased your Freemote Bootcamp! Brain and fingers are ready to learn, and write code!

  18. Aaron Jack do you happen to do CV reviews by any chance? I am trying to get my junior developer job asap and I already have 6 months of experience already in. Could you please help me? I can connect on either Facebook or Instagram! Thank you!

  19. First guy in the YouTube software engineer community to tell us to work our way up to work in Google. Instead of crying about faang and leetcode process. Thank you, exactly what I’m doing.

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