The Truth Aboutt Getting Rich


Two buddies graduated from high school one warm summer day. They both went on to get similar jobs with a manufacturing company. When it was time for their five-year high school reunion one shows up in an old suit and a car that is in the shop at least five times out of the year. The other drives up in a new Mercedes Benz and wearing a $500 suit.

What made the difference in these two men’s lives? They both had similar backgrounds and neither was smarter than the other. The only difference was one started a home-based business after high school.

Forbidden Information – The Secrets They Don’t Want You To Know

(A.) You will never be financially independent working for someone else.
(B.) You will never have the life you dreamed of working a 9 to 5.
(C.) The American Dream is a myth – if you’re working a job.
(D.) If you want to be rich – you must be the boss.
(E.) You need to make money while you sleep.
(F.) Multiple streams of income
(G.) Leverage – getting paid on the efforts of others

The home – based business is the last way for the average man or woman to become rich! I can hear you now thinking you have to have special skills or abilities to run a home – based business, wrong. It is so simple anyone can do it. You just have to have the desire and be coachable.

Picture yourself, taking a trip anywhere in the world. You stay as long as you want. You come back when you are ready. You are able to buy yourself and your family anything they want, because now you are financially independent. That is what a home- based business can do for you!

Your Perfect Business Checklist

1. No Boss
2. No Experience Required
3. Passive Residual Income (the best kept secret of millionaires)
4.Step-by-step System of Success
5.Lucrative Compensation Plan
6.No Quotas
7. No Employees
8. Low Investment
9. Home – Based Business
10. Experienced Leadership
11.No territory Limitations
12. Little or No Overhead
13. No Inventory
14. Spend More Time With Your Family
15. Company Provided Support and Training
16. The Most up – to – date Wireless and Telecom Products and Services
17. Multiple Ways To Get Paid (another secret of millionaires)

5LINX is Your One Stop Shop!

With your new home – based business YOU will be able to provide your customers with: Local Phone, Long Distance, Internet, Satellite Television, Online Shopping, Cellular Phones, and Wireless Accessories.

You won’t have to change your customers buying habits these are things they already pay for. Operate anywhere, anytime, and it’s completely recession-proof. It’s legal, ethical and honest. In today’s world of scam-paranoid customers this advantage is vital. You can sleep soundly at night.

Timing and Positioning

The rich became rich and get richer by following: Wealth Trends! In 1980’s it was the PC Industry. ImagineHealth Fitness Articles, if you had partnered with Bill Gates how your life would be today! In the mid-1980’s it was the deregulation of Long Distance. In the 1990’s the Internet. Now in the 2000’s it is the Wireless and Local Phone Service Industries! It has been projected that the Telecommunications Industry will produce more millionaires than the PC and Internet Industries combined!

Why people Fail – When Success Is Within Their Grasp

The Two Big Mistakes

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