Top 7 Projects Ideas to Build in 2021 | Ishan Sharma | GeeksforGeeks


Top 7 Projects Ideas to Build in 2021 | Ishan Sharma | GeeksforGeeks

In this video, we have discussed Top 7 Computer Science Project Ideas to Build in 2021. Making these projects will not only help to improve your development skill, but will also be an excellent showcase for your Resume. The projects discussed here are from multiple domains. Based on your interest you can pick them and add a few starts to your Resume.

Check out Best Computer Science Projects (C++ Projects, Java Projects, Python Projects, and multiple project ideas)-

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  1. Hey i just completed my class 12th and know c++ at intermediate level ans java python at basic level do i have to learn more languages for hackathon or should i improve these languages only

  2. i am cse 5th semester diploma student and i have 6 weeks training so can i let to know about the topics for minor project and major projects.

  3. Bakwas video 👎👎I also disliked the video Only theory part chit chat like story reading, Not valuable only intended for time pass and Only in his interest.

  4. bro, pls help me find a suitable research proposal topic which has higher chances to get approved in a Energy based institution (like solar,etc) for 2021 and for a sustainable future of world. thanks i will be waiting for your reply 🙂

  5. I need to ask something pls answer , when one starts making a project on a technology which is totally new to him , one often seeks for YouTube videos , google and sometimes copy peice of code , is that copying really wrong??

  6. I have selected in infytq round 1 and during the final round my sytem got struck and I lost my opportunity ☹☹ and I am here to create projects

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