Tutorial on profiles for logitech gaming software


Tutorial on profiles for logitech gaming software

I decided to record this as people were getting annoyed with their wheels not working or moving , this video hopefully will help the situation. If you need any further help please comment and ill see what i can do.

Music by Bensound.

Thank you all for watching! 🙂


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  1. can i for example set my g29’s max angle to like 180 and then just make it the limit without opening any game?
    because i just like spinning my wheel for fun lmao

  2. ok so i have a g920 when i make a new profile example fs17 when i click to axis properties i just have one setting "sensetivity"

  3. thanks i wanted to do csgo one but when i searched for the games from the thing it gave me random settings i didnt want so i wanted toi do the normal mode but as a csgo and put few thingsd different thanks

  4. Does changing the setting on pc store into the wheel? Like if I turn down the sensitivity will it transfer over to my xbox

  5. When I go to axis properties I only have the option for the wheel rotation. I desperately want to enable spring centering and can’t.

  6. My game has been fine now it’s stiff and I’ve done everything literally to try and fix it even uninstalled game and logitech software and nothing works now

  7. my G920 wheel isnt showing up in the LGS even though the wheel is properly connected into the usb port. how do i solve this. tried most youtube tutorials but still no success

  8. doesn’t work thou, the profile just won’t change to the right one upon opening the game…. this software is garbage, I’m about to give up on logitech… thanks for the video, it’s not your fault logitech sucks

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