UBER System design | OLA system design | uber architecture | amazon interview question


UBER System design | OLA system design | uber architecture | amazon interview question

Systems design: What is the system design of the Uber App?
Systems design: What is the architecture for the OLA?
Systems design: What is the software design of the LYFT App?

Arch diagram: https://imgur.com/a/c1Nkuvf

Answer to all of the above questions is here, though I have explained much about Uber’s system design, but for interviews you can adopt the same answer to all of the cab aggregation services question.

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  1. I think we need more logical explanation of why each component is in place. not just explaining what each component does. in a real interview set up we should come up with the design and not explain a laid out diagram. I feel it would be more helpful that way

  2. I still dont understand, how does the driver app itself can be as the data source.

    Do you mean that, if the data center fail, then the driver app can give its own data to the back up service, so that back up service now has the data to finish the trip? But if so, why the driver app still need to call the service? It has the data to finish the job, and it can just call itself?

  3. As per video when the new server is added the responsibilities are equally divided. This solution will not work since it will create hot partitions. The requirement of taxi or cabs would be way more in areas such as downtown San Francisco as compare to suburbs

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  5. Amazing stuff! Thanks a lot for sharing. I have a doubt at 15:30 , the supply/demand server doesn’t have the CH mapping right? It takes up a random server from the pool and that random server decides if request is to be processed by it or by some other server in the CH ring.

  6. can you start or explain them from scratch? you already start with a complex system and you didn’t justify for why you’re using these components. you just jump into the fun parts

  7. Great video. Loved it!
    Just one quick question…
    Web sockets can be opened by web browsers only. Wondering how can a mobile app/client open a web socket?

  8. Unstructured content. It should start with what problem we are trying to solve rather than directly demonstrating the whole interaction between 20 components.

  9. If Uber are already using the schema-less databases… what is the purpose of the RDMBS beside it? I did not hear the explanation about it so I was wondering.

  10. Please continue making system design videos. Your are a Guru of System Design. Bro please make a course in udemy or coursera. I’ll be the first one to join.

  11. great stuff. Can you tell me following point:

    When we are diving load using consistent hashing, what is need for that?We can simply place load balancer and pass request to any server, since all they have to do is call a s2 library and get nearby drivers,there is nothing that is done specific to a cell so why to give responsibility to servers based on cell?

  12. I doubt you will be able to learn this much in a lecture, that’s why we need only those who are passionate about ML to be professors

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