What do I ACTUALLY do as a Software Developer?


What do I ACTUALLY do as a Software Developer?

In this video I explain what activities I regularly engage in as a software developer.

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  1. Thank you very much for this video. Your video Sir has helped me decide my career. I am very intrigued with Software development thanks to you. Have a great day Sir!

  2. Sir I want to be a software developer I am now 15 years old i don’t know anything about coding or something like that what i have to do please reply 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  3. Hey I’m 16 and I’m going into my second year of college to start my diploma I’m just wondering if you have any tips for an apprenticeships into IT software development.

  4. Bro you said database to server side scripting to api endpoints to gui coding. I find myself moving into a software developer space without me even knowing. You just clarified that for me. I have so much to learn

  5. My mom asked me what I wanted to do when I grow up. I told her software engineer/developer. I have a little experience with computers but I’m still not that good. I hope when I grow up I want to get a degree in software engineering. I hope I’ll make it. Just something that I mgt want to do when I get older.

  6. I’m asking if there is a software that ahelp of eye gelass and hearing aids can see and lissen sound of Jesus and devils or a video camera software that bo

  7. Was I able to clarify any misconceptions about what work as a software developer entails? Was it about what you were expecting?

  8. Guys I registered for application program’s but the wanted me to choose course but I don’t know what course I have to choose help please

  9. Dude I just wanna say that I really appreciate your videos, I got stung by the coding bee by working with programmers, like, I understood a lot of what they where saying, (I work in communications), currently I’m working with a lot of developers, and I feel like my field is just crap compared to what they are doing, of course it is an asset to communicate, but building something must be so exciting, in other words I’m working on my html, css and java at the moment, the phase is really slow when I got a full-time job and a kid. But one day!

  10. Do you have CS degree? I am 35 and really close to applying to Coding Dojo which is a coding boot-camp for software developer, do you have any tips? I don’t really have time to go back to College full time.

  11. Would like to finish my bachelors degree in software development but looking into University of Phoenix because of low cost and convenience. Will I be able to function in the field with the quality of learning from these online universities? Not even particularly UP, in general.

  12. For communication, can you also communicate to your boss just in case you’re having trouble with your project as well or will your boss get mad at you?? Because it depends on how well you understand what you’re doing with the project, it depends on how nice the person is to help you (because some bosses or people won’t even help you, or they will help and if you still don’t understand something after an x amount of times then they’ll be really mean to you and fire you), and I guess it also depends on if you’re working with the right company or the right groups of people because like I said not every person in the world is going to be your best friend and because of that, they might be mean enough to both get you in trouble and get you fired.

  13. Thanks man, I’m busy looking at what direction I want to go in after I complete my Computer Science degree, and this was very informative.

  14. Guys what different between applications development and software development?????

    I registered for applications development and what computer 💻 good for practice for applications development tell me is Apple pc good or MacBook Pro 💻

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