What is Agile?


What is Agile?

In this video we will talk about What Agile is and why to use it.
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We will also see :
What is waterfall model
Problems with waterfall model
Why and when to use Agile
4 Values and 12 principles of Agile

Scrum Video : https://bit.ly/31YSGKm

Trainer: Navin Reddy

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  1. Thanks for very good video. I have question. If someone want to become product owner career, what technical educational background or degree he should have? Like IT base or Business Knowledge. Thanks

  2. the only point i think that is not good is the documentation is not stressed upon. Most of the times people are handling multiple project . If some new person needs to ramp up on the dev then he need some kind of documentation to start. Plus in IT today, most people who are initially working on and not seen after 1 or 2 years.. So just relying on face to face communication is not good. Even having a good FSD is important, sometimes clients themselves do not like the idea once it is implemented , and there is always an issue with timeline and cost. A detailed fsd is important and then breaking use cases in feature and those features into stories and then having those stories logically divided into various sprints.. and then having the customer agree upon them… The only good thing is that you can show clients what you are building and then they can give feedback immediately.

  3. AGILE concepts made small companies owners like demons, they will suck team members blood in order to meet client’s daily changing requirements.

  4. You would not believe I was trying to understand Agile from my company’s resources and was finding it difficult to understand and boring. I decided to learn it from Telusko and now I know what the whole damn thing is! Thanks Navin sir!

  5. Your favourite step the I like

  6. Nice explanation, I have been working in Project management for 3 yrs in big MNC’s bt they do not follow agile, scrum method they have their own process and because of that I dont have much command over agile methodologies and so I am not getting opportunity as PM in company who follow agile methodology… ๐Ÿคจ…any suggestions how can i get exp of SDLC ?

  7. Thanks for your effort – helping tons of readers
    Agile and scrum are not as simple as they are!!
    bringing agile in the team itself takes some time.

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