What is Logitech Unifying? Benefits and Limitations


What is Logitech Unifying? Benefits and Limitations

Logitech unifying technology is a very useful technology from Logitech. In this video i will explain what is Logitech Unifying technology in details, explaining Logitech unifying technology also includes what are the benefits, the pros and cons, the downsides and limitations of Logitech unifying technology.


  1. Woah thank you! I thought i broke the original reciever after playing with Unifying software. Thanks I got it back working with the original receiver.

  2. On stick for many devices. The pairing order/code is changed in the device (mouse, keyboard) and not in the stick. So you cant control, ie, 4 smart tv each one with one diferent stick, with one keyboard for all the TVs

  3. Thanks for the video! My wife and I each have our own laptop. We share a docking station. Currently, I have a wired keyboard/mouse connected to the docking station. It works, but I would like to upgrade to a wireless keyboard/mouse. My question is, if I connect a unifying receiver to the docking station will it work on both computers?

  4. I thought you could add older Logitech devices to these unifying receivers but alas you already confirmed my doubts 🙁 Great video and thanks for the in depth information 🙂

  5. Most Unifying devices can connect with Unifying receivers an unlimited number of times. Some Unifying devices have a limit of forty-five (45) unique connections. If you’re using such a device with multiple receivers, once you connect 45 times, you won’t be able to connect to additional Unifying receivers. The device will continue to work with the last receiver it was connected to.

  6. Hi There,
    I lost the unifying receiver of my Logitech k400+.
    Can i use the receiver of "Logitech M235 usb mouse" or "Logitech k230 wireless keyboard" with my logi k400+?
    If not plz give me a link to purchase original unifying receiver.

  7. This is a great idea to get people to replace perfectly good hardware, such as this Logitech keyboard I’m using. It came with a mouse that I replaced with a Logitech mouse that cost more than the original set and spent a couple of hours trying various software. Logitech did not outright say that their own two products cannot be "unified,’ as I presumed when I bought the mouse. Various software hinted that it might unify them, so a trusting, long time satisfied customer like me is sent on a wild goose chase. I’ll be looking at other brands from now on. This is a low blow sales tactic.

  8. I paired my mouse to the unifying receiver that came with my keyboard to free up a front USB 3.0 port and the mouse started to have lag which it didn’t have before. I went back to using a separate receiver for the mouse.

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