Who Determines the Price of Cryptocurrencies?


Who Determines the Price of Cryptocurrencies?



  1. We want to know is where is the centre or headquarter of that system where prices are controlled or monitored and regulated live and instantly….i mean to ask the place where computers hardware battery electric connections are done and servers are installed?? And who are the people doing this managing this

  2. Still didn’t get it at first, but the main takeaway is Supply vs Demand. Market Cap, circulating supply, volume, & price are so wildly different when you compare the top 10 Market Cap cryptos. Been looking for a pattern and finally found it. Example: Why are Cardano & Polkadot’s prices so different when they have similar Volume and Market Cap? Circulating supply. Cardano is super bloated with 31.0B, but Polkadot only has 926M in circulation. Cardano would have to have WAY less in circulation or Volume has to MAJORLY increase to see a $10 price target

  3. It has been my understanding that the Fundamental Analysis behind determining the price of any individual crypto is arrived at by dividing the Market Cap. of said crypto by the total supply of the corresponding project coin/token. This has always seemed legit to my understanding, am I mistaken? Cheers

  4. Great explanation! Care to take a stab at explaining how prices seem to move at the same time? ie… btc drops 5% then so does most of the market, btc moves up and so does most of the market. I understand the alts are tethered to btc but that doesn’t explain how they move at exactly the same time and very close to same amount. Thanks

  5. It seems cryptos are being manipulated just like all other markets. Not until a reset comes will they all find true market value. We have manipulations not markets. its said.

  6. What do you mean by cryptocurrencies are not well built? – wont last long – are not offering anything, this is the core of what will make a cryptocurrency a success or failure, but you didnt expand on it

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  9. I’m still confused how one coin could be a fraction of a penny while another coin could be worth $200 when it seems as though there’s just as much money going into both of those coins.

    Doge coin is a good example of something that is very low in price but seems to have a lot of people buying it.

    Why is that not at $20 or do they all start at a fraction of a penny and then eventually go up?

  10. The market makers who trade stocks and commodities now also trade bitcoins, interesting how that happened. Thanks Heidi for your videos. You rock star crypto girl you.

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