Why Comedy Movies are Losing the Real Comic Effect?


The quality of comedy in
the Hindi film industry is deteriorating with every passing day. Pure humorous
movies are a rarity in the fraternity. The sleaze factor has increased in the
movies. I feel like tearing my hair apart when I think of comedy movies in Bollwood and 2012! I had no idea that the standards of slapstick
comedy have further reduced. I really miss watching a good comedy film. The
feelings of anger were ignited when I had to watch ‘GaliGali Mein ChorHai.’ It
is supposed to be an amusing take on the corruption that is prevalent in India.
Somebody please tell the makers of these movies that this kind of cinema is
slumber producing. An item number by Veena Malik is not enough to save this
movie and I think it can find a place in a list like not-so-top comedy movies
of 2012.

Another movie that continued fuelling my anger was
Housefull 2. The success of this movie has proved that the genre of decent
comedy is dying a slow death in our cinema. People are no more interested in
quality and the presence of some stars is enough for them to enjoy a movie. The
movie collected an opening amount of nearly 44 crores. Thankfully, the movie
did not secure a membership in the 100 crores club. A great deal of hype would
have been generated over that as well. Some customer reviews have bluntly
pointed out that overacting cannot illicit laughter. I hope the concerned
actors take note and ensure that it is implemented in their future performances.

is in store for 2013?

The scenario for 2013 does not look very
promising. Chennai Express is up for release. For the first time, SRK and
RohitShetty have collaborated for a movie. Lets wait and watch if this pairing
can present quality comedy rather than mediocrity served on a platter. Though, consumer ratings on the trailer of the movie indicate that people
are excited about this one. To clear a point, flying cars are not funny.
Another movie that comes out in 2013 is ‘Himmatwala‘. I hope the audience does not require ‘himmat’
to watch this movie. It should have some spark rather than simply being a fizz.

from Hollywood

Moving on to Hollywood, it seems as if the raunchy
is the in thing for the comedy offerings from this industry. The non-sense
factor has definitely increased in these movies. You would want to watch them
after a tiring day, when you don’t have to apply any kind of sense. This has
appealed to many people. This is evident with the success of ‘Ted’.In its
opening weekend, ‘Ted’ made a collection of $54,107,495! This surely is a big
number. The story revolves around a teddy bear that is quite sleazy. It was one
of the top comedy movies of 2012. Another interesting aspect is that the movie
broke the record of the 2009 blockbuster, ‘The Hangover.’

It seems as if raunchy was the flavour of comedy
movies in 2012. The Dictator could probably take the crown of being one of the
crudest comedy movies of 2012. The movie generated revenue worth $4.2 million
from different markets and nearly $2 million was grossed from United Kingdom.
In the overseas market, the film has definitely opened as per expectations.

People may pose an argument that raunchy or not,
the film elicits laughter. The point is that the fine line between sleazy and
funny is diminishing. It is becoming difficult to distinguish between funny and
vulgar. The time of clean comedies is long gone. It is mixed with another genre
to bring out the appeal.

clean 2013?

The upcoming comedy movies of 2013 seem to be far better than the ones coming from
Bollywood. The much awaited sequel, ‘Despicable Me 2’ releases and it has
surely excited all animation movie lovers. The mix of comedy and animation
seems to be very thrilling. By the looks of it, I think this is one of the
promising movies of 2013. Smurfs 2 is another movie that has a shot of being
one of the highest grossing movies of 2013. I am glad that the raunchy factor
is less in 2013. For onceFree Articles, I can enjoy a comedy movie with my family.

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