Why You Shouldn't Grow to be a {Software} Developer in 2021


Why You Shouldn't Become a Software Developer in 2021

Making an attempt to grow to be a {software} developer for the mistaken causes will typically imply you’ve got a excessive probability of failure. On this video I speak about these “mistaken” causes and why you shouldn’t grow to be a {software} developer in 2021.

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  1. You could have said that you want to be a mechanic in 2-3 months….Not gonna happen. There are people out there with tons of experience so you will be the ANT THAT MEETS BOOT. LOL

  2. I’m a car salesman right now! I spend my whole life at the dealership, I’m ready to become a part of something more meaningful and creative.

  3. Hey man!

    I’m 31, I grew up on computers, as everyone else. Everyone in my family told me to go to college for computers. I was the black sheep and always rebelled against my family’s suggestions. I thought I would get a job as a laborer remodeling houses and in a few years I’d be a real estate investor. I was wrong, since then I’ve done furniture moving, junk removal, landscaping, janitorial work, dishwasher, delivery driver, telemarketing 3x, man I can’t even remember the rest, I’ve lost track.

    Now I’m 31 and I realize my family was guiding me to use my natural skills and interests. I’m trying to dive into a high income tech skill and so far I’m caught between software development and cybersecurity. My older brother, 17 years older, has been in the military since I was born and he is suggesting I do cybersecurity but I’m having a hard time of pinpointing where my interests lie between the two.

    What sort of questions should I be asking myself to narrow down which path to choose? Software Development, cybersecurity, or maybe something entirely different in the IT field.

  4. Pretty spot on from my personal experience. It is a difficult road particularly in the beginning but ultimately it is worth the journey in my opinion just make sure you actually like to do development. I just recently reached one of my goals which is to work from home remotely and it is freeing for sure. You still have to grind and problem solve constantly but the challenges are always interesting and it’s so nice to just be able to take a nap for a bit without everyone’s eyes on you. Or having your own personal setup that works for you. Being in the office all 8 hours everyday never worked for me and just left me drained most days. Also btw don’t go into development if you think you can lone wolf it and work in isolation. Development doesn’t work like that and you do need to collaborate A LOT to build good software. So build those soft skills as well!

  5. I am the guy with the Billion Dollar idea, looking into learning to build it myself! Why? Because I have spent two years trying to find developers that you can trust, not piss-takers that listen to ideas then piss off, build them and take credit for them as their own! I am in need of developers NOW! it is a great concept with global scalability and huge potential, and although paid for work is available, those willing to work on sweat equity for a share interest in the final product will be far more favourable than paid skills.

  6. After having worked as a software developer for 25 years, I have very, very, very rarely been able to work remotely from a beach. Most employers demand you report to an office. Unless you are a self employed entrepreneur, it is not going to happen.
    In reality, unless you are a self employed entrepreneur building something for yourself to sell to others online, the only beach you will see is in vacations and retirement.

  7. I have a question about Computer science careers. Let’s say I work at Google and my job is "Software engineer" or "Software developer" what would I do? If my job was "Android developer" I know I am making android apps. If I am a "Web developer" I know I am making websites and web apps, but Software engineering and developer seems vague because there are multiple types of software.

    Thanks in advance,

  8. I’m in law enforcement and it’s brutal. Mandatory overtime, 12 hour shifts, varying shifts, lots of time on your feet. My body is always sore and I’m drained. Looking for a change

  9. It took me two years of part time study to get my first job. Three years in as a React dev I still feel like a monkey mashing at the keyboard a lot of days. It is definitely not a quick processes

  10. I guess i’ll be okay then. Trying to get out of being a heavy equipment technician so i can save my health and my sanity. Computers have always been my passion, just wish I stuck with my dreams while i was younger, never too late though.

  11. I know it’s going to take time. Working through Javascript and slowly getting into react. Hopefully be decent by December or January to start some front end work

  12. Nobody can tell why or what you shouldn’t do nobody if somebody wants it he got to do it in order to see if it s for him/her.

  13. Does not make sense if there are no better alternatives.
    But when i hear ‘ i was selling cars’ and now i am coding , i had a smile. I am software engineer so i learnt maths and physics and started coding at 14 yo. There are different leagues of developpers. Top pay jobs implies a solid scientific background. Otherwise you will get a few thousands working like crazy.
    Excellent devs need high abstraction capabilities so that’s for guys who have a knack for science.
    Also looking at my 2 27” monitors , that’s just not possible to make pro , highly paid software dev on the beach. I was working in Thailand as some point , in an appartment , with an office . When i go the the beach i want to stare at the girls , not at the screen. With the high luminosity , the heat and the laptop overheating , thats just ridiculous.
    Don’t expect also you customer paying high salary when they see you are on visioconference on the beach. You will just look like a joker
    Whoever believe a job is easy is a fool , you need to invest before it pays back. like you buy a guitar and think you will sell records next year

  14. Hey Andy! How long have you been a software developer professionally? How many years has been since you left those old jobs behind? I recently got an offer here in NYC and your videos have been helping me.

  15. I just want to be financially secure. I am 17 years old I’m about to go to start school online and study on STEM. What I’m trying to say is, is it wrong to become a software developer for the reason of financial security?

  16. This is late, but what if you want to do programming part time as a means to earn money to do other things, like study a Theology Degree?

  17. I wanna begin my journey too but not to get rich quick or anything, but just so I can also learn a skill that I think I’d enjoy and can make a career out of it. So that I’ll stop feeling worthless whenever I see people I went to highschool with and even kids I completed high school with, get into tertiary education and I can’t, purely because I have no funds.
    It’s been almost a decade, trying to see if an opportunity would pop up and I’d get to also continue my education.
    I feel like this is probably my opportunity, I wouldn’t need to go to school for it(although I’d have loved that too) and I can do that too as I do some low skilled jobs to take care of my basic needs.

    All I’d probably need is a computer and I’ve already began saving for one(for a while).

    These are my reasons and all I’m hoping for is that I succeed in learning the skill to a good enough level to make a career out of it. I don’t mind how long it takes tbh and it’s actually beginning to feel like the last opportunity lol.

    I’m praying I can finally have enough funds to get a computer soon.

    So yh these are my reasons. Idk if they’re good enough lol

  18. I find software dev interesting because nothing else challenges my brain. I like crazy complex syntaxes and problem solving. I have a lifetime history of cramming crazy amounts of info in short periods. Do you think this trait makes me a good fit for this?

  19. Im 18 and dedicating the next years to building this career (with a degree) always had financial problems but im prepared to work hard to have a good life 🙂

  20. I think it’s like alcohol or drug addiction recovery. The people who succeed are the ones that _want_ to quit.
    You are best situated to be a software developer if you like playing with code.
    I work in manufacturing and like fiddling with the gcode on the machines. I enjoy figuring out how to code macros to make the job quicker and easier. I find it fulfilling to identify stupid time sinks and plugging them. I s’pose I should be thankful that nobody else there seems to give a damn 😒
    This has spilled over into my private life and I’m getting hooked on thinking about AutoHotkey scripts and want to get into C++ for video game modding. I’m a total nerd

  21. i’m so ready and pumped to put in the work
    i’ve always loved problem solving and building things seeing how they run work i the money is a plus but the main goal is to be able to create and learn every day

  22. shit, watching this made me realize that i was such a fool for not getting serious about software development as a career sooner.

    i’ve been doing game development as a hobby for over a decade already and know GML (just a scripting language) inside and out and am starting to get a solid grasp on C# after just a few months of learning (turns out the syntax is nearly identical); i just need to dive into the other languages that had intimidated me when i was younger, and i might have a shot at getting into this kinda thing.

    why do i wanna do it? just because i like reading and writing code. that feeling i get when i compile something and run it and it works after a week of thinking it up, then fighting with implementing it, that feeling when it all works exactly how i’d envisioned it, it’s something i don’t get with anything else.

    every challenge, every time i pore over the documentation, every ‘wtf?’ i mutter to myself when i see someone else’s solution to and every ‘aha’ when i finally understand why theirs works so well, all of it leaves a measurable impact on my experience and ability.

    i just want to be able to afford my bills and live within modest means and not loathe what i’m doing to afford that.

  23. Hi!! Thank you for this video. I’m a career changer and I’ve been taking a few intro classes here and there to see if this is a career I want to pursue. So far it’s really interesting to me and I plan to continue taking classes even if just for fun. I would definitely be willing to put in the work to make this a career, however, I really want a career that provides good work-life balance. Is software development that type of career? I’m sure it probably depends on where you work and many other factors, I’m just curious because I’m a mom and want something that will allow me to prioritize my kids and time with them. Is this possible in software development?

  24. I dont really wanna get rich quick,but I do want more money.
    I want to work on a job that brings enough money that I dont have to care about safety,but also one that I can do from home and that I can actually enjoy.
    I basically wanna make code for games.
    I used to be more drawn into creating 3D models,drawing etc but that shit is just soo hard and I kept trying to act as a perfectionist which without skill to do things perfectly was quite stressful.
    It takes some imagination to code,but it’s far less reliant on that than art.
    After seeing many videos from you I do hope if I pursue coding that it will eventually also improve my approach to art which I havent completely given out on yet.

    Currently unemployed and it’s gonna be tough working a regular job and then try to learn how to code cuz I feel like our brains are sharpest and learn more in the morning rather than evening.

  25. For me, it’s a personal journey more than it is a financial one. I suffer from minor depression and anxiety. Alot of it comes from being unhappy with the position I’m in with life and not really applying myself to making it better, and but it mainly stemmed from a loss of parent. This was a career I had pursued last year after losing my job at a TV station, I just couldn’t afford the boot camps. Haha. I work part time but will be going self-taught (of course I will seek help from resources and platforms available to me). I know a software dev career may not sound like the best approach for anyone with mental health issues (due to the amount of work and patience it requires). I wanna apply myself to something with continuous learning and overcome those issues. I’m 33 with no children at the moment so I have to think about my future.

  26. I would just say software developers are not the only ones who code. so, think bigger than just software. public schools in us teach coding, pretty much any STEM program does nowadays as well, of course computer anything degrees do to, free online platforms as well, and bootcamps. If all of this was meant for software development, that’d be a little dumb right?

  27. Pretty cool mate. I´d love to hear about your transition from your before job to this new carrer of yours. How long did it take? what course did you first choose to start? How did you find your first job? Cheers for the video anyway.

  28. Me from a dental nurse who used to working with different patients everyday, smiling and good communication and required to show emphaty
    Now planning to become a software developer, so that I can be myself and don’t have to smile when I get hurted

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