Wireless Laptops Make Networking Easier


Laptops have entered the arena of computing in the twenty-first century and brought about a mammoth change in the outlook of all sectors that made use of computers for their working. For example, corporate organizations which used personal computers earlier now use laptops for mobile transactions and easier functioning.

A business delegate no longer needs to sit in front of his personal computer and waste his time. He can carry his laptop around with him and work as he travels. This way, laptops have brought about a new dimension to the outlook of Industrial Technology. Recently, laptops have also been introduced into more complicated setups like computer networks. This involves connecting a laptop to a home or office network for easier data transfer and synchronization. Most organizations operate using a network where many computers are connected together to co-ordinate and modularize work. In such a scenario it would be really helpful for a laptop to be connected to the network so that in an emergency, the laptop can just be taken around without any loss of data. More specifically, the possibility of making the connection a wireless one brings about a significant improvement in the advantages of using a laptop in a network.

Most laptops come with the provision of supporting a wireless network. The support needed for a wireless network is called a PCMCIA card or an access point that serves as a bridge between the laptop and the existing network. These components are simple to understand and can be easily installed by the user himself. Once the PCMCIA card or the access point has been installed, the laptop can be taken anywhere within the range of the access point and still remain connected to the wired local network. If the local network is connected to a WAN like the Internet, then the laptop too, can enjoy all the features of the Internet and behave as though it were connected to the WAN itself.

The advantage of having such a wireless connection can be realized only by experiencing the comforts it offers. For example, a wireless laptop connected at home allows the user to roam all around the house carrying the laptop in his hand, without breaking connection with the network. In the office, one can work at his desk, then carry the laptop to the dining area and work over lunch without forsaking the network connection. These connections are achieved by low power radio signals which are the basis for the wireless network connections. You can find out more about gaming and wireless networking at http://www.topgaminglaptop.com

The wireless setup is achieved by installing a Proxim Skyline 802.11b network card to the laptop. A Proxim Skyline 802.11b Wireless Broadband Gateway is also connected to the existing wired Ethernet LAN as a bridge. Using this setupFree Web Content, the notebook i.e. laptop can be moved anywhere within range of the network card while maintaining connection with the local area network. Another component here is the access point. An access point is basically a radio receiver and transmitter that is connected to a wired network. They are independent of the operating systems and work perfectly with all versions be it Windows or Linux or MacOS

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